12 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

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It is important to remember seniors with a thoughtful Christmas gift!

It can be difficult to find a helpful gift for your elderly parents at Christmas. It is easy to forget about seniors at Christmas time. There are over 56 million adults 65+ in America (Americas Health Rankings, 2022). Around 1 million older adults reside in nursing homes (Zippia, 2022). Consequently, the majority of older adults are living at home, many of them struggling to stay safe and care for themselves and their home. Many of todays seniors have served their country, worked long hours and years to care for their family, and sacrificed so much so that we could be “better off”. Taking the time to choose a meaningful gift for your senior loved one that could make their life easier would be a thoughtful thing to do!

Our parents and grandparents would love to be the recipients of a thoughtful Christmas gift:)

Concurrently, many seniors I work with have related that their loneliness increased after Covid. They have shared with me that they would prefer family time over treats or gifts this year. However, many of them don’t even realize that they have health needs that could be improved with the right thoughtful gift. Finding a helpful gift for the senior in your life, an item that could assist and promote their health and independence, could turn out to be a heartwarming and beneficial experience. How about surprising them with something meaningful that could help them stay independent and safe? And please still include a treat:)

Thoughtful and meaningful Christmas gifts for seniors:

Many of the following items are thoughtful gifts that seniors I have worked with have enjoyed and appreciated!

1 A remote holder. (affiliate link) Many seniors I work with have difficulty with misplacing their TV remote. Help them stay organized and keep from losing their balance while trying to find it!

2 A tray table. (affiliate link) Many clients I work with use unstable trays and do not have enough space on their end table for all of their supplies. A sturdy side tray table may also help them see their glass of water and may remind them to stay hydrated!

3 Medical alert jewelry can be pretty as well as protective. My siblings and I gave my sweet mom a gold bracelet with a “memory” alert and a number to call. I was so grateful we did that- It kept her safe more than once.

4 A large face digital clock with day, date, and time. (affiliate link) Staying connected to date and time is good for cognition. This clock is great for people who have memory issues or difficulty seeing the small numbers on a watch.

5 A cup and phone holder that attaches to a walker (affiliate link) Increase their safety with a place and a reminder for hydration and connection.

6 Non slip jar opener. (affiliate link) Wrist pain, weak grip, and arthritis can make opening bottles and jars very frustrating. This is an inexpensive tool which can help to minimize pain and maintain independence in the kitchen and bathroom!

7 An electric toothbrush. (affiliate link) Shoulder, neck and wrist pain may increase with brushing teeth. Dental hygiene is important for good health!

8 Family Photo display Looking at familiar photos and reminiscing are positive and helpful activities for seniors!

9 A side bed rail. Many seniors I have worked with have stated they felt safer with a small rail to hold onto first thing in the morning. Plus there’s a pocket to hold tissues, cell phone, etc.

10 A magnifying glass with light to read small print on prescription bottles, and ingredients for food. Help them see the expiration dates!

11 Microwavable heated mittens. Many seniors have achey and stiff hands that hurt to use. Keeping their pain level down may help them stay independent.

And, my favorite gift:

12 Purchase inexpensive health organization “printables” and give them the gift of your time: help them to get their health organized!

You can also find packets of printables at Creative Home Therapy Etsy.com

9 pages of health information printables

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  1. These are really great ideas! It can be so hard to know what to buy for seniors unless they tell you what they want directly. These are some great, simple ideas that I’m sure many would love and appreciate!

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