Fresh Food on the Freeway

It is important to consider fresh food options when you work on the road.

Working on the road presents challenges when it comes to healthy eating. Keeping food cold, having room for storing food in your car, and finding healthy options that don’t require set up, are all difficult. Especially during the hot summer months, it is important to choose hydrating options and have a supply of water handy to stay hydrated. It is so easy to just purchase fast food when your are driving. However, if you prep ahead of time and have healthy options at hand, you will be A lot less tempted!

It is helpful to plan ahead for healthy fresh food options when traveling.

Road trips, like working out of your vehicle, can be challenging for healthy choices. When you have chronic health issues (or just an aging body), you learn to take the time to plan out healthy options that will prevent health problems. Getting organized, and finding options that are simple, filling, and not too messy, will help you stay on track.

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Tips for eating fresh food in the car:

  • Keep a “bag of bags” handy for collecting trash- rotten apple cores are gross!
  • Keep a container of hand wipes in the pocket of the door for before and after.
  • Likewise, keep napkins in your glove box.
  • Pack small bags of healthy finger foods like: Triscuits (high fiber crackers), carrots, celery, baby peppers, nuts, grapes, popcorn.
  • Invest in a good lunch box and ice pack, or small cooler, for meat or cheese, energy bites, coconut water.
  • Small items like cubes of light cheese, apples, cuties, low sodium lunchmeat, or peanut butter packets are great to have on hand.
  • Eat a filling breakfast so that lunch can be light and simple! I love to cook oatmeal with a sliced banana and handful of pecans.
  • Make sure to take breaks for a healthy bladder, minimizing stiffness in your joints, and preventing blood clots.

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I would love to hear your ideas! What are your go-to snacks and on-the-road food for staying healthy?

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