My Top 16 Healthy Traveling DOs and DONTs

Traveling has its ups and downs.

Traveling is wonderful. And traveling for work offers unique freedoms. But long drives and extended time in a car can take its toll on our health. Sitting in the car too long can lead to tight muscles and stiff joints, making it challenging to walk when we arrive at our destination. Not being diligent to stay hydrated, and take needed bathroom breaks, can also be hard on our bodies as we age. It is tempting and easy to fill up on snacks and junk food, but that can lead to unpleasant issues with our digestive track not cooperating…

For traveling to go smoothly, you need to plan ahead.

Planning ahead for extended driving/riding is a great way to be proactive and prevent problems. Taking the time to care for yourself with car exercises and walking breaks can reduce stiffness and potential for blood clots. Faithful hydration can help prevent urinary infections, and eating healthy food can help us to have more energy and stay regular. The longer the drive, the more difficult it may become to get in and out of the car, and to walk around without increasing pain.

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One item I have had many patients tell me helped them with getting into and out of their car, is the car cane. (affiliate link)

You can right click to save and print this handout to educate your clients!

Help your seniors stay healthy while traveling by educating them with this handout.

If you like the Traveling Tips handout above, you can also find it at the following link, as well as over 50 other senior care health handouts on Creative Home Therapy Premium Resources Page!

Check out this post on Healthy Foods While Traveling, and Tips for Urinary Tract Infection Prevention.

For more patient education, The CDC also has excellent detailed health and travel advice.

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