9 Creative Ways to Improve Compliance

It often takes creative planning to improve compliance.

We all struggle with self control regarding our health: difficulty following through on doing what we know is good for our body. Why is it so hard? Even over time, we know we feel better when we exercise and eat healthy- but there are so many things to distract us and tempt us. Somehow, we have to get our patient (and ourselves) to see that the end result is worth the effort.

Research has shown us that the healthy benefits of regular exercise are numerous (Medline Plus). Reminding and convincing ourselves to do the right thing may take time and planning. There are many creative things we can do to help improve compliance. When it comes to our physical health (and many other areas) It is totally worth the extra effort to make it happen!

Here are a few ideas to help improve your exercise compliance:

  • Exercise at a set time of day and location.
  • Follow pictures and written instructions.
  • Check off completion of your routine on a daily log. Check out these inexpensive packets at Etsy.com (see sample below)
  • Perform sitting exercises during the commercials of your favorite TV show.
  • Perform standing exercises at the kitchen sink before lunch.
  • Walk to the mailbox every evening before dinner (and build up time/distance as you are able).
  • Team up with a work out buddy or neighbor to walk or attend an exercise group.
  • Watch for practical ways you are improving: household chores are easier, you can walk further).
  • Give yourself an occasional reward when you are faithful, or when you improve.
  • Make it fun and start off easy with light resistance weights: (affiliate link)

Using a visual reminder can help with compliance.

Sometimes having a to do list to mark, a log to fill in, or a chart to check can provide incentive to complete a task. A visual to follow and complete can not only be a reminder, but provide accountability. Here is a daily log that can be used to help increase follow through with activities. Customize it with your exercises and self care, and enjoy this FREEBIE!!

Right click and Save or copy and paste this to your desktop to print.

If you want access to more printable reminder and logs check out the Health Organization packet at Creative Home Therapy on Etsy!

Increase understanding and followthrough of health instructions with senior focussed health handouts: purchase PRINTABLE PACKETS on the blog or at ETSY.COM

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