Low Cost Home Exercise Equipment Recommendations

Taking the time to research home exercise equipment is important. A solid program of resistance exercises, especially when paired with cardio, can be extremely beneficial to your balance and independence!

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A well rounded home exercise program for seniors is possible.

Have you ever felt like you needed a gym membership to have a good exercise program? Many people I have worked with have felt that exercising at home couldn’t be “good enough”. But I have seen so many clients make excellent gains in strength and safety just by doing simple exercises at home. The best progress is made with regular, progressing, and somewhat challenging exercise. But not enough to cause pain! And you certainly don’t need to be risky with your choices Likewise, there are many inexpensive items that can be used right at home to build your strength and preserve your health.

A home exercise program does not have to be fancy or difficult.

There are a lot of types of exercise programs around. There are even many programs you can follow and perform at home via videos and online classes. Yoga, Tai Chi, Barre, Pilates, and many more. While these are great programs, your exercise doesn’t have to have a fancy name or specialized movements. If you are unable to jump rope, jog, or pump iron, you can still build strength and increase your balance. While those will definitely help, people who don’t have access to gyms or treadmills are still able to experience a good work out and improve their function. Although your exercise can be basic and simple, it is a good idea to have variety. It is helpful both mentally and physically to change your exercises intermittently to help with progress!

General guidelines to consider when purchasing exercise equipment for the home.

Consider where you would use the exercise equipment, and the space availability.

Make sure any attachments are on correctly and securely.

Use equipment that feels comfortable in your grip.

Make sure that items you strap on do not move or slip.

If you are allergic to latex, make sure it is latex free (many items are available latex free).

Use a mirror to watch your posture and form.

Slow and controlled is the key for strengthening.

Start light* and add resistance or weight as comfortable, don’t start heavy and develop pain.

Make sure to have variety in your exercise program.

Basic home exercise equipment options that I have found to be effective:

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Resistance Bands (affiliate link)

Thera Band (affiliate link)

Dumbell Weights (affiliate link)

Cuff Weights (affiliate link)

A Stepper (affiliate link)

A Timer (affiliate link)

Grip Strengthening Set (affiliate link)

Kettlebells: (affiliate link)

A Weighted Bar: (affiliate link)

A Strap for Stretching: (affiliate link)

Should you work with a professional to start your home exercise program?

There are many exercise programs you can download, and videos online that can help you set up a good routine of exercise. However, it is always best to have a professional help you figure out which exercise, amount of resistance, and form is appropriate for your exact needs and situation. Importantly, if you or your loved one is weak, has a history of falls, or experiences pain, I would highly recommend having a physical therapist or personal trainer help you establish a good exercise program that you can follow through with safely on your own.

Don’t forget to log your activity and keep a record of your progress for great motivation!

You can find these at ETSY.com or Creative Home Therapy Printable Packets page!

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  1. I have always struggled with not knowing if my posture is correct while working out. I’ve never thought of putting a mirror in the space to solve this! Great ideas!

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