Making the Most of Continued Education Classes

Health Care Workers: what did you do for your Continued Education Units last year?

Many of us working in health care, especially the past few years, have been scrambling to get our required classes completed due to limited options and dwindling health care budgets. Even prior to Covid 19, many of us were working long hours, completing documentation on unpaid time, and paying out of our own pockets for our continued education hours. Likewise, it has been difficult for health care workers to get time off (especially paid time). On top of that, it has been challenging to find financial resources to attend quality education classes that renew our passion for patient care. I have unfortunately waited until the end of the year to try to find free classes, or just cram in the least expensive on line courses. Over the past 32 years, I may have even completed a course or two on December 31st!! Not a great idea:( When I find myself pressed for time and choices, I am not able to prioritize the classes that motivate and challenge me to grow, and keep me excited about helping people.

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It’s never too late to improve your continued education plan!

I am relieved to share that over the last several years I made some positive changes. This has allowed me to find better deals, but also to reflect and take courses that help me provide improved outcomes for my clients. Of course that leads to increased job satisfaction and enjoyment with work. So, don’t wait until the end of the year, start preparing now!! After over 30 years of taking Continued Education classes for my job in health care, here are a few thoughts to help make your choices more meaningful:

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Make the most of continued education by taking classes you can readily apply at your workplace.

  1. Consider the different areas of the body that you might work with- cardiac, respiratory, musculoskeletal, mental, neuro, wound/skin care, etc. What do you enjoy learning about the most?
  2. Another thing to consider is what bodily system or disease process is most challenging to you to treat? Maybe you could choose a course that would help you feel more prepared in that area, and improve your job satisfaction.
  3. Ask your supervisor if there is a weak link or area of limited knowledge in your workplace that you could learn about to help fill a gap? Doing that might increase your value to the team, and possibly your paycheck.

Invest in a quality education platform that will allow you to explore a variety of areas and classes that you are interested in for one low cost:

Click this link, and use the code CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY for a great discount (the lowest discount offered- $150.00 off!)) on a high quality continued education platform: MEDBRIDGE I have found this continued education platform to be greatly beneficial!

Just to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT- if you use the CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY code for a MEDBRIDGE discount- email me to let me know, and I will send you a free packet of 10 downloadable printable handouts for patient care!

Challenge yourself with continued education classes that can contribute to developing your personal and professional growth.

1. Take a course that allows you to develop a new skill. Is there a class you could take which would give you more opportunity for different roles and duties? Consider classes in health law, management, private practice, technology, communication, marketing, and coding as well.

2. Is there a certification you could work toward that would make you more marketable if you decided to look for a new position or job?

3. Take some challenging classes, as they can help you stay sharp mentally, and help you to be innovative in your work.

For a long time I wanted to take a Fall Prevention Certification Class, and last year I invested in myself and did it! I have put that knowledge to use with my patient care. It has also given me an increase in job satisfaction, and greater creativity with how I work with clients: Fall Prevention Specialist Certification  (affiliate link). I have taken this course and highly recommend it. You can renew your certification annually for a low cost, if you demonstrate continued annual education in fall prevention. The Fall Prevention Specialist Certification has been respected by my coworkers, patients and families. I am frequently referring to the information I learned to help my clients stay safe. I chose to be an affiliate for Pesi because this course was so helpful to me.

Invest in a quality education platform that will allow you to explore and find pathways to prepare for certifications and specialties. Click this link, and use the code CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY for a great discount (the lowest discount offered) on this quality continued education platform: MEDBRIDGE

The promo code CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY will save you $150 off the regular full price of an individual subscription, so the discounted prices are: 

  • $225 for PT/AT/OT/RN Education (all courses)
  • $275 for PT/AT/OT/RN Premium (Education, plus HEP builder, patient education) This is what I purchased. I have created over 150 pages of home exercise sheets for use with my patients. I have really enjoyed helping my patients take ownership of their exercises and feel cared for!
  • $120 for SLP Education (SLP courses only)
  • $170 for SLP Premium (SLP Education plus HEP builder, patient education)

Take continued education classes that allow you to make the most of investing in your future plans.

1. Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years? Set a goal and choose classes and pathways that will help you get there!

2. If you are not aware of your strengths or gifting, here are two great tests that can guide you to finding a a great fit: Clifton Strengths Assessment is an excellent career/job focussed assessment and the Gifts, Passions, Story Assessment (GPS) is a spiritually focused assessment. I have found them both to be very helpful!

3. Consider classes in health law, management, private practice, technology, communication, marketing, and coding as well. A class like that could lead to new skills that would make you more marketable if you decided to look for a new job!

I recently took a class in medicare billing and documentation to prepare for a long time goal of starting a small private practice. I completed Continued Ed credits and was able to access information I needed to help achieve a personal goal.

Use continued education classes as an opportunity to build relationships and network.

1. Consider your local community college as you may be able to meet and network with local professionals in your field there. They may also have some lower cost classes, certifications, or bundles that you could purchase.

2. Is there someone at work who wants to take a class together? Building relationships with coworkers is very helpful for enjoyment at the workplace.

3. Invest in yourself and attend a local or state professional event. Those events usually have continued ed classes, and you get to meet others in your field and possibly make helpful professional connections.

Senior Care Clinicians: Thrive in your job by making an impact! When you have senior focused educational resources at your fingertips, you are readily able to help patients make positive changes. Improved outcomes will help you feel more satisfaction with your work. Check out my senior centered educational handout packets for greater organization and effectiveness!

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I would love to know your thoughts on choosing continued education courses in health care. What courses have you taken and loved in the past few years? What tips would you give to someone considering specialization or certification?

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  1. My sister in law is an RN and her hospital is severely understaffed! I know she struggled to get hours in, and these tips are so helpful! Can’t wait to send to her!

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