Health caregiving doesn’t take a holiday!

Growing up with a nurse for a mom, I remember many weekends and holidays that she had to work. As a family, we all pitched in to have things ready for when she arrived back home. Many of our holiday celebrations took place late afternoon so she could be home for them. Or, we would do an activity in the morning, and then she would be home for the dinner or cookout. The funny thing is, I just don’t remember considering the fact that I would have to give up weekends and holidays when I chose a career in health care.

Working in a field where you give up weekends and holidays regularly can be draining.

Most of the positions I have worked over the last 30 years have required weekend and holiday rotations. Recognizing that this would happen probably would not have dissuaded me from my career. But as I had children and became busier with family life, I definitely found it to take a toll on me. Family caregivers may feel that same stress. Caregiving is 7 days a week. If we are going to have endurance for the long haul, we need to take initiative to care for ourselves and plan ahead!

Check out these 8 tips to thrive while working holidays in health care:

1 Take the party with you to work. Bring in some decorations and a treat. Encourage the people who are working alongside you, as they are missing out as well.


2 Plan ahead. Have a special celebration the night before or the day after a working holiday. Having a time and activity set aside gives you a sense that you are taking part in the celebration.

3 Get the family involved. I remember as a teen taking pride in having a nice picnic, or some of the side dishes ready for my mom when she got home from work. Even young kids can set the table or make place cards!

4 Treat yourself! Stop for a special coffee, or get your favorite lunch. Buy yourself a cute holiday t-shirt. Your patients will love it!

5 Focus on celebrating with your patients. They are most likely missing out on fun and family time as well. Encourage them, and it may lighten your heart!

6 Meet up with a friend or the family for your work lunch. Having them come to you (so you can maximize your time) could be a fun way to get a quick celebration in!

7 Plan ahead if possible for which holidays you will work. Be proactive and volunteer to work your least favorite holiday, to increase the possibility of having your favorites off.

8 Take heart in knowing you are providing necessary and life giving care. Caregiving is essential, and the work you do can change lives for the better!

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