Nurses’ Week and Mother’s Day

It is fitting for me that Nurses’ Week, Women’s Health Month, and Mother’s Day all fall around the same time: my own mother held all three of those roles in my life.  Every year in May, I especially remember and celebrate her legacy.

National Nurses Week

My Mother at her nursing graduation

Growing up with a nurse for a mom, I saw how demanding a job in healthcare could be.  But I was also able to witness the passion and reward that came from helping others.  I appreciate so much the commitment and compassion that nurses must have to survive in such a demanding career!  I am passionate about healthcare in a large part because of my mother’s example.  

Women’s Health Month

Growing up with a mother that worked in a health related field, I received much education and information regarding making good choices.  My mom taught me diligently to practice good physical health, spiritual health, and self care.  I am grateful for the guidance and encouragement I was given to take care of myself, so that I could have the strength and endurance needed to care for others. 

Mother’s Day

My mom was truly a servant and caregiver to her core.  Her compassion and caretaking did not stop when she came home after a long day at work.  She was gentle, patient, and supportive of my gifts and goals.  She was a consistent encourager, as so many nurses are! She lived out the ideals of caring for others in all aspects of her life.  

So, for Nurses Week, Women’s Health, and Mother’s Day, I am three times blessed and triple thankful!

Thank you to all the nurses out there, and don’t forget to care for yourself as well!

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