3 Ways to Stay connected with Remote Work

Remote work has become popular by necessity due to Covid 19.

Remote work has it’s positives, but it presents a difficulty with staying connected and feeling you are a part of a team. For clinicians who work in home health care, being on the road with limited professional interaction is the norm. The nurses and therapists working in the field are rarely in the office.  We swing by every week or two for supplies, or when we need to hand in paperwork (or need a clean bathroom)! 

It is important to stay connected with your coworkers.

If you don’t work in an office environment, and especially if part of your staff work on the road, it is imperative to the team mentality to take steps to promote connection.

Health Care Leadership: this is more important than ever in 2020! Your team can easily feel out of sync. But there are simple actions you can take to help them stay connected. Be proactive and care for your staff, and your coworkers!!

Seniors and Family Caregivers: These ideas can be adjusted a bit to apply to family connection over the holidays as well! Get creative and support your loved ones- especially those who are at stuck at home, at higher risk and are unable to get out regularly!

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