Happy 2020 National Home Health Month

Let us celebrate National Home Health Month, the ability to care for people in their own homes, and all the other good things that have come out of 2020. And let the Holiday Season begin! As we celebrate Thanksgiving amidst a difficult year, let us take the time to honor the loss, but also remember all the good things that have come out of the struggle.

New appreciation for our health, our jobs, and our families are just the beginning. New hobbies (blogging and hiking for me!!), new habits, and increased purpose in how we spend the time we have are priceless. The saying goes “Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love”(author unknown). Let us continue to care for others, but also take some time for self care through the holiday season!

There has been much disappointment throughout 2020, but it has caused me to sharpen my focus and it has forced me (and my family) to develop perseverance.

Encourage your patients and help them stay organized with this downloadable Calendar! right click and save to desktop to print. Want to be even more prepared? Check out my 20 page Ebook on transitioning to a job in home health care!

OR, consider purchasing access to over 50 downloadable senior focussed printable for greater follow through in your health care. When you are prepared with good educational resources you are more able to help patients make positive changes, and improved outcomes will also help you feel more positive about your work. Check out these patient and senior centered educational handouts!

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