3 More Ways to Stay Connected in 2020

Remote work provides freedom and flexibility.

Remote work became necessary due to Covid. But many people already had remote jobs, or worked on the road. The flexibility this type of job offers is great! There is a freedom that comes from working in your own space, or on your own routine.

It is key for people and organizations, to be proactive in keeping remote workers connected.

Although remote work provides unique freedom and flexibility, it also can have negative effects on a team environment. We learn from our co-workers, and we can be encouraged by them as well. Covid 19 is challenging our traditional avenues of connection, so it is important to make the extra effort to maintain connection for both individual and group benefit!

Caregivers and seniors: Connecting this year is more important than ever! It may take more time and intention than it has in the past, but it will be worth the effort! Get creative and support your loved ones- especially those who are at risk and unable to get out regularly!

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