8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors

Don’t forget seniors on Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day we usually think about gifts for romance. Well, these past few years have been really tough for most seniors-not leaving home, few visitors, a disappearing social life… they could use a Valentine’s Day surprise this year! Instead of giving your Mom or Grandmother (or Dad or Grandfather) flowers or candy, how about surprising them with something practical, that could improve their safety? The right equipment might extend and improve their independence and help them feel loved. Just add a card and a bow, and yes, some chocolate!

Practical Valentine’s Day gifts that could improve the independence of your parent or grandparent:

1 Medical alert jewelry can be pretty as well as protective. My siblings and I gave my sweet mom a gold bracelet with a “memory” alert and a number to call. It kept her safe more than once.

2 A large face digital clock with day, date, and time. (affiliate link) Great for people who have memory issues or difficulty seeing the small numbers on a watch.

3 Long handled devices for dressing: a shoe horn. and a reacher. (affiliate link) Getting dressed can be difficult and painful as we age. Everyone wants to be independent, and these tools contribute to that. They also may help to minimize pain and frustration.

4 A cup holder that attaches to a walker. (affiliate link) Increased safety and the ability to stay hydrated are both important.

5 Non slip jar opener. (affiliate link) Wrist pain, grip weakness and arthritis can make opening bottles and jars very frustrating. This is an inexpensive tool which helps to minimize pain and maintain independence in the kitchen!

6 An electric toothbrush. (affiliate link) This can help with shoulder, neck, and wrist pain. Dental hygiene is important for good heart health!

7 Membership to a safety alert type of service. Many seniors are hesitant to spend the money, but they might be inclined accept the service as a gift. Less worry for family members is priceless!

8 Generous sized sheets. Changing bed sheets can be painful and difficult as we age. Back pain, shoulder weakness, and balance issues can make this very difficult. Purchase mattress pads and sheets that are labeled for a “deep mattress,” or that have generous elastic on the sides.

And, my favorite Valentine’s Day gift for senior health and wellness organization:

9 Purchase this inexpensive Health organization packet for senior care at Etsy:

and help them get their health care organized! You can also find senior care and health printables on the Creative Home Therapy blog!

Happy almost Valentines Day, and good luck on becoming the favorite child! I would love to hear if you have any other gift suggestions! Subscribe to the blog for emails and tips on senior care, senior health, and occasional freebies!

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4 thoughts on “8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Seniors

  1. These are some great gift ideas for seniors. When my parents were alive, we would buy these types of gifts for them, and the smile on their face was priceless.

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