Happy 2020 National Physical Therapy Month

National Physical therapy month is a perfect time to celebrate fall and dig into our bone and joint health!

Physical Therapy is about prevention as well as healing. Taking care of our bodies is a continuous, lifelong journey. It is a series of good choices that together contribute to our well being. It is important to have access to regular correct health information, but also to have positive support from people around you. Follow respected sources, and try to connect with a few friends who are likeminded, who will support and encourage your positive choices. And then do the same for those around you!

Look for information on joint pain management, handouts for clinicians on post operative joint care and pain assessment help, and recommended continued education courses.

Save your self time and frustration by using senior focussed, printable, and organized health care handouts. Find them here for individual purchase, or purchase an inexpensive annual all access pass to over 50 senior care and health organization printables!

If you are new to home health or senior care, here is a link to an ebook with lots of helpful tips and information!

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