Fall Prevention Specialist Certifications

Have you considered turning your continued education into something more meaningful and impactful? After 30+ years of taking course after course with little to no effect, I have! Here are some courses I have taken, or that are on my list to take, for fall prevention and home safety. They have made a huge impact on my senior care education and treatment!

I am an affiliate for Pesi and Medbridge. If you make a purchase using my link, I will earn a commission, at no cost to you. Your support allows me to provide this blog! Thank you for any support 🙂

CHAMP offers multi disciplinary training for specialization, and even an inexpensive CEUs in specific fall programs. There is also a Home Modification training/ specialization series which is on my “to-do” list!

Pesi offers an excellent course on fall prevention, which can lead to a Fall Prevention Specialist Certification! I have taken this course and highly recommend it. You can renew your certification annually for a low cost, if you demonstrate continued annual education in fall prevention. The Fall Prevention Specialist Certification (affiliate link) has been respected by my coworkers, patients and families. I am frequently referring to the information I learned to help my clients stay safe. I chose to be an affiliate for Pesi because this course was so helpful to me.

MEDBRIDGE (affiliate link) has a huge selection of courses for clinicians, with a large variety of balance and fall prevention classes that you can take, all for one annual fee. I have taken several and loved them. (Used them to satisfy my course requirements to renew my CFPS certification!) Use the code CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY for the lowest discount ($150.00 off ) offered on a quality continued education platform at MEDBRIDGE!

Check out this Nurse/Therapist Fall prevention education and and balance exercise packet of handouts for patient safety on ETSY!

For seniors or family caregivers: here is a link to the National Council On Aging with a map of evidence based fall prevention programs around America.

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3 thoughts on “Fall Prevention Specialist Certifications

  1. Fall prevention is such an important thing. My mother fell several times as her dementia worsened. She broke ribs once. Then she broke one hip on one occasion and the other another time. All because she didn’t have appropriate fall prevention. The surgeries and rehab contributed to her overall decline. Her dementia would have continued to worsen no matter what, but her physical condition got progressively worse over time and all because she continued to fall with no plans in place to prevent injury.

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