Fall Prevention Specialist Certifications

Here are some courses I have taken, or that are on my list to take, for fall prevention and home safety.

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CHAMP offers multi disciplinary training for specialization, and even an inexpensive CEUs in specific fall programs. There is also a Home Modification training/ specialization series.

Evergreen offers a course to become a CFPS – Certified Fall Prevention Specialist. I have taken that and highly recommend it.

MEDBRIDGE (affiliate link) has a huge selection of courses for clinicians, with a large variety of balance and fall prevention classes that you can take, all for one annual fee. I have taken several and loved them. Use the code CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY for the lowest discount offered on a quality continued education platform at MEDBRIDGE! Just to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT- if you use the CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY code for a MEDBRIDGE discount- email me to let me know, and I will send you a free packet of 10 downloadable printable handouts for patient care!

For seniors or family caregivers: here is a link to the National Council On Aging with a map of evidence based fall prevention programs around America.

Check out this Educational Fall prevention and balance exercise packet of handouts for patient safety on ETSY!

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