Safety Equipment Recommendations

There is a variety of equipment that can improve safety in the home for seniors.

Many people I have worked with in the past have not been aware of all the many resources that are available to help improve safety in the home. The following is a list of common equipment that patients I have worked with have found extremely helpful. This equipment is typically not covered by insurance, but can help someone with daily activities, and greatly improve independence and safety. Many times I remind them of the cost of one trip to the ER compared to a $50.00 purchase! Frequently, these items can be found in church and community donation closets. If you receive used equipment do be sure to check for wear and tear.

General guidelines to consider when purchasing equipment for the home to improve safety.

-Read the details regarding height, weight, and size. A lot of equipment is adjustable, but within certain parameters.

-Consider where you would use the equipment, and the space availability. Will it fit through the doorway or does a door need space to to open or close near it.

-Make sure it will work with your existing equipment, furniture, etc.

-Follow all instructions for safe and secure set up.

-There are many different kinds of equipment for your home. The list below is a sample of typical equipment I see used. Taking the time to get and use the right equipment can make a huge difference in safety and independence!

-If in doubt, it is always best to have a clinician help you figure out what is appropriate for your exact needs and situation, especially if you or your loved one is weak or has a history of falls. Please see my medical disclaimer- this is for educational purposes, and your personal clinician should recommend what is appropriate for you or your loved one.

Examples of helpful equipment to improve senior safety:

Clinicians- please use this information for patient education, and families/seniors- please use this as a guide, or to review with your personal health caregiver.

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Shower Seat (with backrest and armrests for balance and support to get up)

Shower Seat (with back rest but without arm rests, less space but less support)

Shower stool (no back rest or arms to push from)

Bed rail to assist getting in and out of bed:

Elastic Laces (cheaper than buying a new pair of velcro shoes)

Car Transfer Handle assist


Step stool with handle for getting in and out of a tall bed:

A Physical or Occupational Therapist can provide excellent information and feedback for your home equipment, especially bath benches.

When it comes to bath benches, there are many variables to consider for best access and safety.  Rail placements, shower doors, mobility devices, (walker, cane, wheelchair, etc) strength, and balance may all have a huge impact on safety. There are so many considerations and options, that it is really important to get personal, professional input to ensure your best device and set up. 

Don’t forget improving safety with good clear instructions and handouts!

If you work with seniors, or need wellness and health related handouts- check this out! Good educational resources and clear handouts will improve your ability to make positive changes. Positive changes lead to better outcomes, and increased positivity with your life or work. Check out my senior centered educational handouts for maximal health and safety effectiveness!

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