Father’s Day and Men’s Health Week

Father’s Day is a great time to let your dad know you appreciate him.

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to encourage and support the fathers and grandfathers in your life. A thoughtful gift can let them know how much you care. Men’s Health Week is also a great reminder of the importance of prioritizing good health choices for a long and healthy life. Ultimately, Father’s Day gifts that support and encourage healthy choices are perfect to send a message that you want them around for the long haul!

There are many ways to both honor Father’s Day and support Men’s Health!

There are many ways to improve your lifestyle and make healthy choices. What we eat, how we manage stress, and how we use our free time can greatly impact our health status. Health organization, updated equipment, or even helping them start a new fun activity could be very impactful to their well being. Importantly, take the time to consider specifically both what your father or grandfather could benefit from and what they might enjoy, to improve their health and fitness.

A huge variety of exercise, activity and health promoting items that might make your dad’s “Father’s Day”:

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Does your Dad like the pool? Check out these pool weights for added resistance in the water: (affiliate link)

Get Dad outside for fresh air and exercise! Check out this pickleball paddle and ball: (affiliate link)

Did Gramps like to golf? Get him active in the house with this small home putter: (affiliate link)

Keep your Dad’s back healthy on the golf course with this golf ball retriever: (affiliate link)

Everybody loves an active game of Cornhole(use a washable plastic set in the health clinic or home):(affiliate link)

Does your Dad or Grampa struggle to stay hydrated? Help encourage good drinking habits with a water bottle with measurements: (affiliate link)

If your Dad uses a walker, increase his safety with a place and a reminder for hydration and connection by getting him a cup and phone holder that attaches to a walker (affiliate link)

Increase the challenge of walking with a weighted vest,(affiliate link)

Encourage your Dad to exercise with resistance bands (affiliate link)

Dumbell Weights (affiliate link)

or Cuff Weights (affiliate link)

Encourage cardiovascular exercise with a Stepper (affiliate link)

or a recumbent exercise bike for Gramps!

Does your Dad like to cook? Check out this latest edition of heart healthy cook book by the AHA. (affiliate link)

Hand strength diminishes as we age. Consider getting your Grandfather a Grip Strengthening Set (affiliate link)

Hand held massagers are great for relaxation and tight muscles . (affiliate link)

A Strap for Stretching (affiliate link) is also great for relaxation, deep breathing and heart health.

Gardening is great exercise! Increease safety and reduce back wear and tear with a Garden belt: (affiliate link)

Lastly, give your favorite gardener a place to rest and a pad to protect their knees with this Garden kneeler and seat: (affiliate link)

Along with a gift to unwrap, give the gift of helping to organize his health records and log activity for motivation! You can find these at ETSY.com

or Creative Home Therapy Premium Resource page!

Consider where you would use the exercise equipment, and the space availability.

Make sure any attachments are on correctly and securely.

Use equipment that feels comfortable in your grip.

Make sure that items you strap on do not move or slip.

If you are allergic to latex, make sure it is latex free (many items are available latex free).

Use a mirror to watch your posture and form.

Slow and controlled is the key for strengthening.

Start light and add resistance or weight as comfortable, don’t start heavy and develop pain.

Make sure to have variety in your exercise program.

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