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Have you ever wondered why a person might start a blog?

Do you enjoy writing? I have always had a pen and paper handy, written, journaled and kept lists of ideas for books and articles. However, working in health care did not leave me much time or energy to pursue other interests. It wasn’t until a lull in work with Covid 19 that I actually did some research and took the time to get started on writing and blogging.

Blogging Creative Home Therapy allows me to help seniors improve their health.

I have enjoyed working with seniors and educating clients in health care over the past 3 decades. However, I am continuously aware of the lack of knowledge of self health care with seniors. Many patients are sent home with confusing instructions or only verbal instructions. The details of medication, activity restrictions, recovery instructions, and even maintaining health are often misunderstood or forgotten. I have witnessed many health issues and emergencies that could have been prevented with better understanding of instructions or follow through. Consequently, it is my sincere hope that this blog will provide senior focused tools, and equip and encourage seniors to increase their self care and health.

Information x Application = Optimal Health

I choose to blog in order to encourage and educate caregivers of seniors.

After spending many years working in home health care, I have had the opportunity to work extensively with families providing health care for their aged parents and grandparents. After experiencing aging and dementia in my own family, I became aware of how difficult it is to work the maze of the healthcare system and provide regular thorough care for elderly seniors and parents. In the health system there are many challenges to getting clinicians to hear your concerns, scheduling appointments, finding the right information, etc. Likewise, family dynamics can be difficult with comprehension of limitations, financial abilities, and making time to provide care. The stress on the caregiver, whether spouse, child, grandchild, or paid employee can be immense. My goal with blogging is to provide excellent education, simple handouts for followthrough, and helpful encouragement to those committed givers providing care for aging seniors.

Information x Application = Optimal Health

Blogging gives me the opportunity to encourage and make resources available to geriatric health care workers.

There is a huge challenge in healthcare. We call it the “imposter syndrome”. On one hand time and experience, and years of education give you a wealth of knowledge to share with your patients. On the other hand, health care is constantly changing and adding new information. It is impossible (and expensive) to keep up! Sometimes clinicians can doubt themselves because we are concerned that despite our education and experience we can never know it all, or maybe we don’t know enough. My hope is that this blog can encourage clinicians to continue helping people to the best of their ability. Likewise, my desire is to provide free evidence based informational blogs at your fingertips, and also arm you with low cost quality educational handouts to help you educate your patients and clients for maximal and efficient recovery.

Information x Application = Optimal Health

Carol Phipps

Joining Medbridge has allowed me access to multiple courses that have increased my knowledge and decreased my self doubt. Whatever you do, invest in yourself so that you can make a greater impact. You will find greater satisfaction in being more helpful, and may even find more fulfilling roles and improved pay. Use the code CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY for the lowest discount offered on the quality continued education platform at MEDBRIDGE! Just to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT- if you use the CREATIVEHOMETHERAPY code for a MEDBRIDGE discount- email me to let me know, and I will send you a free packet of 10 downloadable printable handouts for senior health and care! You choose the color:)

Blogging has challenged me to grow as a clinician, and allowed me to work in my areas of passion: writing, encouraging and educating.

Taking the free mini course at The Non Clinical PT website helped me fine tune my path to take the Therapy Blogging 101 course which prepared me to start this blog!

If you are not aware of your strengths or gifting, here are two great tests that can guide you to finding a a great fit: Clifton Strengths Assessment is an excellent career/job focused assessment and the Gifts, Passions, Story Assessment (GPS) is a spiritually focused assessment. Both of these assessments have helped me to hone in on my strengths and find greater meaning in my work.

Likewise, blogging introduced me to the world of downloadable printables! I was constantly taking time to create clear informational handouts for my senior clients. I realized I could post them and help other caregivers and clinicians as well. Good educational resources allow you to enable people to make positive changes. Improved outcomes will help you feel satisfaction with your health and work. I would love for you to check out the health and senior centered educational handouts (and 3 freebies!).

Wellness and health handouts for seniors, caregivers and clinicians are also available in small packets on ETSY.com

Do this instead:

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If you are considering a job in Home Health care, check out the Transitioning to a Job in Home Health Care E Book!

I would love to know your thoughts on blogging, caregiving and health care. What has your experience been? What tips would you give to someone considering starting a blog in this field?

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  1. Love the way you elaborate the benefits of home-therapy. It helps the assessment of seniors without any difficulty.

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