January 2021, Back and Neck Pain

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Back and neck pain can be lifelong issues for many people.

Many of us felt like 2020 would never end. After experiencing a year of stress, more time spent at home sitting, and more time using cell phones and computers, we may all need information and tips on dealing with back and neck pain.

Look for evidenced based information and peer reviewed handouts this month-on posture, alignment, back and neck care, exercises, and tips for managing pain.

Elderly man with walker and back brace

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Being proactive can help us minimize chronic back and neck pain.

To get and stay better, requires faithful application of exercises, attention to posture and body mechanics, and asking for help with activities that you know will aggravate your pain. Treating our pain before it becomes an emergency is important as well.

Here is a link to a soft moldable heating pad, which can help you work through winter stiffness: (affiliate link)

and a link to a great moldable cold pack, which can help you in the spring and summer, if you get too aggressive with gardening! (affiliate link)

Bring some New Year’s Encouragement to your patients or family members with this free downloadable printable calendar!!

“You never fail until you stop trying.” Einstein

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